A collage of completed Jetco Projects

JETCO is pleased to offer a sneak peek into our current developments. Please browse below to see what the future has in store.

Commercial Condos

IMG_0786_7_8_tonemapped   89 Cutler Avenue, Burnside Industrial Park Visit Realtor Site here.

You are running a succesful business and want to leverage that success into creating more wealth personally, owning the property from which your business operates is maybe the simplest and most obvious way to do so. If you have researched this possibility you are well aware the opportunities to invest in your own space is limited at best in this market.

HRM continues to bring to market lots that range in size from 2.2 acres to 5 acres which are uneconomical for the average business owner in HRM who is operating out of 4,000-5,000 sf of space. The condo concept alleviates this problem by sharing a large lot amongst a number of owners. Finally convert your rent payments to equity plus take advantage of better tax planning  and income splitting opportunities.

Here is your chance to acquire brand new ICF constructed space to house your business. Contact us now for further info.