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It is JETCO Contracting Inc. (“JETCO”) policy to work in the spirit of consultation and cooperation with its employees and sub-trades for the purpose of ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.  Commitment to health and safety must be demonstrated at every level of this company.  To that end, all supervisors and employees must be dedicated to reducing the risk of injury and illness.

As an employer, JETCO is ultimately responsible for the health and safety of our employees.

Supervisors will be held accountable for the health and safety of employees under their supervision, and will ensure that machinery and equipment is safe, and that employees follow established safe work practices and procedures.

Employees must protect their own health and safety and that of others by complying with all rules and regulations and established safe work practices and procedures.

Our objective is to reduce injury and incident to an absolute minimum through diligence and safe work practice.

JETCO WCB Clearance Letter: CLICK HERE

NSCSA Letter of Good Standing: CLICK HERE

NSCSA / WCB Certificate of Recognition:  CLICK HERE